About Me

I get asked a lot about how I got into planning, even more so, how I got into making stickers. The simple answer is this: I love planners and have always used one and I love Lisa Frank! I must have been destined to make stickers for planners right? In fact, my first real planner WAS a Lisa Frank planner. I wish I still had that planner. I love bright colors and rainbow themes. I enjoy the creative aspect of it and I love seeing people get joy from my stickers. 

I am also a photographer based out of Surprise, Arizona. I have been a photographer for over 8 years. When not working in the sticker shop or out on a photo shoot I am spending time with my kiddos, camping or on a road trip somewhere up north. 

This started as a small graphic design business in late 2016 creating logos and branding packages for photographers and it rapidly progressed into something totally different. We offer planner stickers that are ready to ship but also have a large variety of other products from business cards to t-shirts and more. If you need a custom order for your business needs, send us an email  We just celebrated our 4th year of designing for the creative professionals. 


Elizabeth Ann