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A new product line inspired by all the women out there hustling, busting their ass, and keeping their heads up no matter the obstacle or challenge they face.

To the woman who is dedicated to building a brand from their bedroom, basement, garage or kitchen table. Even if no one believes in her. The work from home mom suffering from burn out who is juggling kids and chaos while trying to attend a zoom call just to be told "it's not hard, anyone could do it". The 18 year old girl starting her life. She is trying to find her place in this intimidating world while trying to keep herself together. The mom who felt all alone but found her support system in the planner community or the small business owner community. For the women with anxiety, depression, or ADHD. Who wake up every day knowing it could be a struggle but still persevere.

For ALL the women who still kick some ass and don't give AF what anyone thinks.

You are my hero, an inspiration, and a MF Superstar!

I hope to offer inspiration, motivation, and joy by providing tools to help you reach your goals while reminding you that you are a Badass, a Legend.


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